Why Choose us over Lending Tree, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi or Quicken Loans?

  • We are not a big bank. We are a California Mortgage Broker.
  • We offer No Closing Costs Options.
  • We can adjust our rates and fees to be competitive on a client by client basis.
  • Beware! Most ads on Google or Bing are from Lending Tree and other lead sellers.
  • We work with our clients directly.

Been turned down by a Bank?

  • FICO Scores as low as 500
  • Super Jumbo Loans
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Stated Income Loans
  • Cash Out $2,000,000
  • Investor Mortgage loans
  • Home Improvement and Remodeling

Upfront Costs & Competitive Pricing

All costs are quoted upfront with no hidden fees.

We compare our quotes with the Big Banks and other Lenders such as Quicken Loans.Then we can beat or match their rates.

How to Proceed?

If you know your credit score just request a quote.

You can also get a Free Credit Check when you pre-qualify on our website.

If you are happy with the quote we will guide you through the process of closing your loan.

Personalized Service

We offer great service. A dedicated specialist will assist you throughout the entire process.

Smooth Process. No paperwork hassles.

Our streamlined process will help your transaction close quickly.

Our Third Party verification system allows us to do loans that don't require Pay Stubs, Tax Returns, Bank Statements or Appraisals. Most borrowers will qualify for some if not all of these options.

Please Call Now 1-800-350-9987 or request a quote!